Hey there,

Are you wanting to get your character into VRChat or to use as a facerig with VSeeFace?

I specialize in basic reference based recolours. What this means is I follow ref sheets as closely as possible to create as close to a 1 to 1 as possible on your 3D model.

I work with Substance painter and Photoshop for the recolour itself, and Unity to apply and test the new textures.

I can recolour both Oculus Quest and PC models and do very simple edits with the original .fbx file in Blender.

Average retexture pricing starts at $100 USD and will go up or down based on number of markings or complexity. .VRM conversions start at $50 USD and increase based on extra expressions requested. I can do rush work but it will cost extra.

DM me with a ref for a personalized quote~ Discord – Skuru#0069